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07:00 We start the tour. After 3 hours travelling, we arrive at Toro Muerto, where we will find the fabulous set of petroglyphs of Toro Muserto, blocks of scattered volcanic rock, over a number of 5000 pieces. Zoomorphic figures can be seen, such as birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.. We will also have the opportunity to see the footprints of dinosaurs in the Querullpa and We also visit some beautifull parts or our valley. 13:00 Lunch (you can taste some delicious shrimp), and then return to Arequipa. 18:00 Arrival in Arequipa.



  • Private Guide
  • Private transport
  • Private driver
  • Lunch
  • Taxes
  • Snacks


Note: In all our tours is included the FREE transfer from the airport or bus station to the hotel when you arrive Arequipa and from the Hotel to the airport or bus station when you leave Arequipa



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