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Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Arequipa

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Carlitos Tours offers unique, sustainable, and local-centric tours throughout Peru that give tourists the liberty to choose the type of experience that best suits them.

Our priorities include

• Sustainable tourism
• Respect for our natural surroundings
• Care for social and cultural resources
• Respect for the values of our local communities
• A mutually beneficial, just, and enjoyable exchange of experiences between locals and tourists.

Everyone (tourists, locals, and guides) plays an important role at Carlitos Tours

Carlitos Tours aims to integrate social work into the framework of our tours. With more than 7 years in the tourism industry working with a variety of companies, we have the experience necessary to help tourists looking for volunteer opportunities.

We believe helping out schools, orphanages, hospitals, charities, etc... Should be free. While working at other tour companies, we often saw tourist looking for various way to help the local communities but first having to pay the agency. We don’t think that’s right.

Our goal is to help volunteers by putting them in direct contact with the locals. Our agency will not receive any money for the placement. If a tourist doesn’t speak Spanish then one of our guides will help translate.

This is a dynamic program. The tourist will have the opportunity to visit the community’s school, hospital, and orphanage during their tour so they can truly see firsthand how they are supporting our local communities.

If you are really interested about this, please let us know to help you

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