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Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Arequipa

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  • We are not the most expensive company neither the cheapest but All our guides has health insurance and formal jobs,,, we pay well every local people in the Canyon (iN Peru from every 10 people, Only 3 people has health insurance and formal jobs) Help us to improve the life in Peru (Every tours)


  • We do some activities in the homestay with the local family (They are included)(Trekking 3 days)

  • We provide towels, Toilet paper, Shampoo, Soap(Every tours)

  • We can do a FREE transfer when you arrive Arequipa from the airport or Bus station to your hotel and when you leave Arequipa from your hotel to the bus Station or Aiport (Every tours)

  • We provide Snack (Fruit, Juices, Chocolates, Cookies, Crackers (Every tours)

  • We Provide Sticks, Torch if you don have (FREE)(Every tours)

  • We pay well all people in COLCA CANYON and AREQUIPA(Every tours)

  • You can stay in home stay but on the second day, We start at 4:00am OR Only stay in the oasis (In trek 2 days) (We stay in homestay in Trekking 3 Days)

  • We bring first aid kit  (Every tours)

  • We are really responsible company, Sustainable tourism, First hand Experience, Homestay (Every tours)

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