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Tour Mixed Colca Canyon
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We’ll pick you up at 6:00am from your hotel in Arequipa and travel by touristic bus to Chivay, the capital of the Colca Canyon region. Along the way we’ll stop at...

The Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve to see llamas, alpacas,andvicuñas.
Patahuasi for a cup of coca tea
The wetlands to see various migratory birds
The small village of Pulpera
Mollepunko to see rock art
The Callalli stone castles
Sibayo, a local Colca Valley community
The Tuti community

From Tuti community Pass we will descend to the town of Chivay (3646 m.s.l.), the capital of the Colca Canyon region, where you will have lunch
in the afternoon you will take your private transport to travel to Cabanaconde,
On the way the bus will stop in some view points before to get Cabanaconde

Hotel in Cabanaconde: KUNTUR WASSI “3 STARS”

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An early (8:30am) breakfast in the hotel. After breakfast we will spend a few minutes around the main square
We start our trek from CABANACONDE at the top of COLCA CANYON to get finally the bottom .
We usually spend 3 hours going down to get the bottom, once we get the bottom “OASIS DE SANGALLE” We have our lunch after that we can enjoy the time in the swimming pool and we have the chance to walk a bit more
Dinner time


We’ll wake up at 4:50am to start our 3-3.5 hour hike out of the canyon to Cabanaconde. After breakfast is Cabanaconde we’ll have a 2 hour bus ride to the Calera hot springs. The bus will stop at a couple viewpoints for photos along the way. You’ll have about an hour at the thermal baths before we continue to Chivay (10-15 minutes away) for a buffet lunch.

Note: If you do not wish you hike out of the canyon you can hire a mule for about 60 soles.

Continuing on to Arequipa, we will make a couple more stops -- first at the Salinas and Aguaga Blanca National Reserve to see llamas, alpacas, and vicuñas and second at Patapampa Pass (4910 m.s.l.), the highest point on our trip where you can see the chain of volcanoes including Hualcahualca, Sabancalla, and Ampato. We’ll arrive back in Arequipa between 5:30-6pm.

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